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I Am A Guaranteed Click Site

Here, Results Delivered through the Concept Marketing program makes me unique.
Unique, meaning all site ads receive guaranteed clicks.

All of the membership tools offered here can be essential in growing any type of
business or affiliate program.

I am different, You might like me
And, you can possibly receive payments!

3 Different Income Streams
Sponsored New Members and Earn On
Members Upgrades
Offer Package Sales
Single Ad Purchases
No Upgrade Required to Earn Commissions!

The only thing you need to do to start receiving payment notices in your PayPal account is to get your ads out there using our ready made ads and your personal affiliate link.

Limited Time... Free Ebook when you join WBLogics!

Available in the members area...

Partner Network Ads
Partner Network Super Solos
5 Partner Networks With 17,741 Members!
Clix-R-Us Network
0 Members
PIF Network Ads
8,360 Members
SE-Super Network
0 Members
Screaming Power Ads
9,381 Members

WBLogics Referral Profit Pool. This is a pool of profits from site ads and offers purchased, during the race to the next 500 contest. The top winner earns 60% of those profits, 2nd place top referrer earns the other 40% profit share. Winners 1-10 all win Points Packages. New contest starts next race and zero's out the pool, to start all over again!

Personal Downline Builder. You also have the ability to plug-in your "other" favorite affiliate programs, that your personally sponsored members + 5 levels down will see. A feature similar to our admin downline builder, only its all yours. A Free Perk that each membership level receives, gives you the ability to introduce yourself & the businesses you are the most passionate about. You also get a personal URL, with all of your programs listed!


Wide Range of Ads Available including our Bonus Surf Script upgrade. This part of our program gives you bonus ad packs as you surf, including Partner Network Supers! Great New Feature! Plus all the normal Text Ad Exchange advertising resources, with 1 big difference, you purchase clicks, not impressions!

Plus you can earn each ad, by simply viewing the required clicks for each ad offered. Click the login ads, view sites, earn points for each ad viewed, and after the required number of Login Ads you earn a Free Login Ad. Most of our ads can be purchased the same way. The only exclusions is the Full Page Login Ads.

Auto-responders Prohibited:
If we get 1 auto-responder from your email, your account will be deleted, you will loose all commissions, downline and upgrade without refund.

Bounced Emails:
Gmail accounts are free and easy to setup. We have an automated bounce script, so if you login and you are on vacation and you didn't put yourself on vacation, you have bounced out. Change your email address please.

Commissions are paid on personal referrals for 1 tier only.
Members are NOT required to make any purchase in order
to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases.

Be Sure To Check SPAM Folder for Validation Email.
Use Gmail Only - All Others Will Be Deleted!
Any Type of Auto-Responder means Automatic Deletions & Banned IP

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